Claims Submission & Settlements

We use the latest AI-powered technologies to ensure swift insurance claims verifications and minimum wait times, minimizing blockages and rejections for quick settlements.

Product Inquiry & Service Management

Our financial contact center will help you deliver accurate answers to customer inquiries and ensure satisfactory service management at every touchpoint of their journey.

Exit Surveys & Retention

Maximize our exit surveys and customized call center outsourcing services to determine the specific customer attrition and target them with personalized solutions to improve retention.

Telemarketing & Promotions

Taquino’s financial call center services help you promote your banking services and financial products, including credit cards, insurance policies, loans, etc., boosting your customer acquisitions and sales.

Debt Collection & Recoveries

Our financial contact center will help you maximize debt collections and recoveries through accurate and customer-centric interactions, on-time reminders, and customized payment plans.